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Holo H650 with cover and base

Holo H650 with cover and base
Holo H650 with cover and base


Image diameter:
65 cm
Image quality:
1024 * 1024p HD
Display area:
0.33 m²
Viewing angle:
Wi - Fi
Sync multiple devices:

 Holo H650 is one of the most popular model with the largest resolution of 1024x1024 and it comes with cover and base, suitable for both individual use and for synchronization with other Holo H650 to create a holographic wall.

Holo H650 is perfect for decorating large and medium showcases and store interiors. At trade shows, the Holo H650 is used as the central part or stand element. High resolution and remote control allows you to use the Holo H650 as a pointer or advertising space in shopping centers, airports, exhibition halls.

Holo.lv will help you in the production of 3D content, from a simple logo to 3D studio holograms.

Holo.lv specialists will help you with both installation and maintenance of the Holo H650. You can install the device on a wall, column, ceiling, or on portable brackets or racks.

With proper use and timely service, the life of the Holo H650 is more than 50,000 hours.


Price for Holo H650
1599 €
Holo H650 with installation
1649 €
Holo H650 with installation and 3D logo
1699 €

Holo H650 with cover and base

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